RCRA Training

Designed to meet the EPA and DOT mandatory refresher training requirements, this course is the perfect way to meet your RCRA 40 CFR 265.16 annual review and DOT 49 CFR 172.704 (c)(2) recurrent training after completing your initial training. You will learn the important concepts and procedures required for compliance with each of these regulations and how to comply with the new requirements that have been enacted over the past year.

The Department of Transportation Docket HM-126F (49 CFR 172.700) makes training mandatory for almost anyone who manages hazardous materials, regardless of the amount. This affects employees who classify materials and determine proper shipping names, select or fill hazardous materials packages, mark, label and placard containers/vehicles, fill out shipping papers, load or unload vehicles, move hazardous materials, or operate transportation vehicles. Learn the DOT rules for hazardous materials packages, marks, labels, shipping papers, placards, and shipping names. Receive your required training and learn how to comply at this comprehensive seminar.

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