Fire Extinguisher Training

CGS Safety Training, Inc. provides important Fire Safety Training Demonstration Programs for industry, commerce and institutions. Each program is designed to deal directly with the inherent fire hazards to properties and people. The training is designed to provide for the "greater safety" and take into account life safety practices: recognition of specific types of fire; the effects of proper and improper use of fire extinguishers.

Our training is often held indoors. Your company will need to provide an adequate area for each session and invite the specific key people you wish trained. Our professionally trained fire & safety people will do the rest. We will cover the basics of fire protection with a video presentation followed by a talk and discussion period. We will demonstrate the types of fire extinguishers and proper handling methods required to deal with specific problems.

We also conduct outdoor fire demonstrations and training, covering:

All courses are performed on your site. Contact us today to schedule your next seminar.